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“All in all, Zhongdian Chinese Network is a whole new website now!”

Pei Qian almost had a panic attack halfway through

The Tengda spirit classes have been termed ‘inspiring’? Instead of only wanting to write more, they’re now focusing on maintaining both quality and quantity? That’s not right. I thought they were supposed to become slackers!

Although Pei Qian was confused and he did not know how the lessons on the Tengda spirit had become so problematic, he was still in touch with reality.

“Immediately stop holding the lessons on the Tengda spirit!” Pei Qian immediately said. “Ah, alright, Boss Pei. That’s what I was thinking, too.” Ma Yiqun was in complete agreement. Pei Qian, “?”

Ma Yiqun continued speaking, “Actually, we’re going with a mentoring model for the second authors’ class. An experienced author would be paired with a new one. Almost all the experienced authors have already received lessons on the Tengda spirit at Tengda’s headquarters before.

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“Now, we’re counting on the lessons being passed down through the various generations of authors. That would spread the Tengda spirit, and the HR department would not have to bear this burden any longer. “That’s why I was thinking of doing away with this step.” Pei Qian, “...” Oh no, it’s too late!

The Tengda spirit had spread to the entire authors’ class, just as Pei Qian had hoped. However, the effects were drastically different from what he had imagined!

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Could it be... that the enemy was in the HR department and right beside him?!

However, on further thought, Pei Qian became more confused.

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No one in the department worked overtime!

They had held the second selection for the winner of the Zero Overtime Competition at the end of the previous month. This time, more than half of the departments won, except Fei Huang Workspace. That was because it had had a particularly busy month, and the staff had ended up working overtime a few days.

Even Tengda Games, the stubborn department, had shown marked improvement. It had not applied for permission to work overtime last month.

Based on Tang Yishu’s regular reports, nobody was secretly working overtime, too... All the departments in Tengda’s headquarters seemed to be living out the Tengda spirit very well.

Where was the problem, then?

Had it been there from the beginning, or had it only appeared when authors started attending lessons on the Tengda spirit? Was that how it affected the other authors?

If it was the latter, Pei Qian would just have to ‘isolate’ the authors. Yet, if it was the former...

Pei Qian felt a sharp pain in his head.

He was very confused. On one hand, his already fragile mental state was on the brink of collapse now that he had an additional 25 million yuan to get rid of for no reason. On the other hand, he could not figure out why the various businesses seemed to be improving despite his efforts to encourage his employees to slack more.