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"What do you mean?"

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"Stamina is not an unlimited resource. If you consecutively participate then naturally it will be exhausted. Consecutive victories are a difficult thing".

"But even so it's still better than leaving it to unathletic people, right? Even if I'm tired, I can still perform better than those guys".

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Looking at the boys, including me, with a glance, Sudou laughs scornfully. Ike and the others seem frustrated but they cannot argue against it.

"Even if we continue this discussion here an answer won't be forthcoming. Let's decide it at the next homeroom".

Horikita, having determined that further progress won't be happening here, said that as she quickly ended the discussion.

During our second homeroom period it has been decided that students across all school years would be having a meeting. Over 400 people, including instructors and students, gathered in the gymnasium. The entire student body from the 1st years up to the 3rd years divided up between the Red Team and the White Team. Horikita seemed restless as she looked around at her surroundings. She is probably looking for her brother, Horikita Manabu, who serves as this school's student council president. However, the location is unfavorable. If this many people are present, even if she knows which class he belongs to, it would be difficult to spot him.

And besides, perhaps she's worried about causing her brother trouble, but she seemed to be restraining herself with a reserved gaze and as such her field of vision seemed narrowed.

If she loves her brother that much, I think it would be better for her to act more boldly though. But for Horikita that is probably a task far more difficult and impossible for her to perform than anything else.

Looking back at it now, she's never gone to meet her brother yet even once. All of their contacts have been initiated by him. As the assembled students began causing a ruckus, a few students stepped forward. Everyone's eyes turned towards them.

"I am Fujimaki from Class A of the 3rd years. It has been decided that I will be taking charge of the Red Team for this event".

Apparently it doesn't seem like Horikita's brother is taking charge here. I had thought he would be taking charge of everything since he is the student council president but that doesn't seem to be the case.