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This could literally be described as nerve wrecking.

I was leaning completely forward, Hoshinomori-san and my forehead was almost touching as we watched the screen, but she was so focused that she didn’t notice me.

Hoshinomori-san could dodge the attacks she had seen before… But this boss will use new attacks when his HP drops…

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Although it was an attack that could be evaded easily after seeing it once, it was used in a way that would ‘definitely hit players who saw it the first time’... At least it hit me.

Damn it, it will be unbearable to die after making it this far!

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I was more emotionally invested than usual because I watched the progress of the game together with her!

I glanced at Hoshinomori-san’s face, and she seemed to be enjoying this tension too, but I still felt…

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That’s right, the grueling game difficulty might add to the experience… But if possible, players would still prefer to avoid wasting the vast amount of adventuring time they spent.

And for Hoshinomori-san, there was probably some other reason. Gaming inside the classroom in public view was not very conducive, and the gaze of her classmates didn’t feel comfortable either. If her adventure was all wasted… That would be too terrible.

It was finally time.

The Rock Giant raised its hand in a ‘banzai’ stance, and started charging for an attack.

Having not seen this attack pattern, Hoshinomori-san was surprised. This was natural, as the pattern that worked so far had been dodging left if the boss moved its right hand, dodging right if it moved its left hand.

But this time, ‘both hands were raised’... several ways of dodging would come to mind, but she wouldn’t be able to confirm which works best and…

She will pull back as she thinks putting some distance between them cannot go wrong! I did that too! But──

The Rock Giant finished charging.

After hesitating for a moment, Hoshinomori-san pulled the control stick down hard and pressed the emergency evade button, dashing backwards──