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But Montague only knitted his brows in greater perplexity. “Colonel Cole?” he repeated.

“You were too young to remember me,” the other said. “I have been at your house a dozen times. I was in your father's brigade.”

“Indeed!” exclaimed Montague. “I beg your pardon.”

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“Don't mention it, don't mention it,” said the other, taking a seat beside him. “It was really extraordinary that I should recall you. And how is your brother? Is he in New York?”

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“He is,” said Montague.

“And your mother? She is still living, I trust?”

“Oh, yes,” said he. “She is in this hotel.”

“It is really an extraordinary pleasure!” exclaimed the other. “I did not think I knew a soul in New York.”

“You are visiting here?” asked Montague.

“From the West,” said the Colonel.

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“It is curious how things follow out,” he continued, after a pause. “I was thinking about your father only this very day. I had a proposal from someone who wanted to buy some stock that I have—in the Northern Mississippi Railroad.”

Montague gave a start. “You don't mean it!” he said.

“Yes,” said the other. “Your father persuaded me to take some of the stock, away back in the old days. And I have had it ever since. I had forgotten all about it.”

Montague smiled. “When you have disposed of yours,” he said, “you might refer your party to me. I know of some more that is for sale.”

“I have no doubt,” said the Colonel. “But I fancy it won't fetch much now. I don't remember receiving any dividends.”

There was a pause. “It is a curious coincidence,” said the other. “I, too, have been thinking about the railroad. My friend, Mrs. Taylor, has just come up from New Orleans. She used to be Lucy Dupree.”

The Colonel strove to recall. “Dupree?” he said.

“Judge Dupree's daughter,” said Montague. “His brother, John Dupree, was the first president of the road.”

“Oh, yes,” said the Colonel. “Of course, of course! I remember the Judge now. Your father told me he had taken quite a lot of the stock.”