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Qiao Liang turned on the live-stream and arrived at the Deposit Fitness near his residence.

He did not have a membership, but it did not matter. As a loyal user of Tengda, as long as he showed his OTTO cell phone, it would not be a problem to try out the smart fitness drying rack.

He brought his tablet computer over and prepared to use it to run games. Then, he would use the front camera of the tablet to live-stream his workout.

The two images could overlap. The application of Bunny Tail Live-Stream supported this function. Moreover, the size of the two images could be adjusted. There was no need to worry about that.

After arriving at the Deposit Fitness, Qiao Liang explained his purpose for coming.

When he heard that the person in front of him was Boss Pei’s best friend, the famous Teacher Qiao, the fitness trainer took him very seriously and immediately nodded. “Alright, this way please.”

He led Qiao Liang to a specific area in the gym as he spoke.

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Qiao Liang was stunned. “So much equipment?”

“There’s even a television?”

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Six smart fitness drying racks were neatly placed at the core of the gym.

What’s more, there were televisions hanging on the opposite wall of the equipment, matching each other.

The size of the television was not huge. It was 55 inches, but it was enough at this distance.

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These televisions were obviously famous brands of foreign manufacturers. The quality of the images were guaranteed.

Qiao Liang was a little surprised to see this.

He had originally thought that Deposit Fitness would only have one smart fitness drying rack. What’s more, it would be placed in the corner, not fitted with television or any other equipment.

After all, Deposit Fitness had its own main business. There was a lot of professional fitness equipment to begin with. Why would there be so many smart fitness drying racks?

The coach hesitated for a moment and answered truthfully, a little embarrassed. “Actually, there was only one unit.”

“However, two days ago, when Boss Pei came to our flagship store to inspect, he realized that there was only one in the store and no one was interested in it. He was very unhappy. He forced all the stores to have at least five to six, and all of them had to be equipped with television.”

“We had to put in a lot of effort to make room for these lousy thin... ahem, equipment.”