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But now that it’s already halfway through October, the possibility of this happening has almost vanished entirely. If they were to bring up such an old topic now, the investigation itself would not only be very troublesome, but Class C would be able to destroy all their evidence and plan their retreat. So why would X do such a thing?

“This naive way of fighting has saved us entirely by chance. Could it be said that he has not fully utilized his assets? He went out of his way to obtain this information, but then proceeded to act passively. If Horikita-shi had paid the private points to Ryūen-shi, we would have won, and it would have been X’s defeat.”

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Kaneda analyzed the situation and came to this conclusion.

Since X had learned of their strategy before the sports festival, it follows that he should have had a complete victory during the festival.

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“That’s not right. X had found a useful way to use the information by deliberately not using it. Even if Suzune had paid out the private points earlier to make amends, he could have easily used the sound file as evidence in order to retrieve them. He could have included a message such as ‘If you do not return the private points, this matter will be made public.’”

“You mean he knows how to use threats, but he deliberately doesn’t use them?”

“Yeah, and he even allowed me to force Suzune to kowtow. Kowtowing, unlike the private points, is not something that has a numeric value. It’s only there in the physical form. You can’t undo or reverse it later, right?”

In other words, this is what it all boils down to.

The only thing that X had been aiming for:

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“That is to say, X welcomes the idea of playing with Suzune.”

He had used valuable information obtained from the spy for that purpose alone.

“This kind of situation… I don’t understand. Class C was saved by X, who we don’t even know.”

Ryūen was different from Ibuki. He knew why X had done such a thing.

“Kuku…… that is to say, he does not intend to reveal himself.”