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Pei Qian had not intended to sell these houses in the first place. He had indeed wanted to do the rental business. Thus, it was completely in line with the rules.

Pei Qian had thought things through now. The Sloth Apartments were full anyway. Wouldn’t it be the same no matter where he bought now?

It should not be a problem as long as he did not buy houses in the heart of Beijing or Shanghai.

Of course, one might not be able to buy an entire building in the downtown area even if they wanted to. The model of Sloth Apartments was that one had to buy an entire building, otherwise it would be difficult to conduct a unified closed management.

That was because the quota this time was higher. They might have to buy a few buildings if they were to buy in Jingzhou or other second-tier cities. It would be more troublesome once the number increased.

He might as well buy in Beijing and Shanghai. The prices of each house were high. He could probably spend enough System Funds by buying one building each.

February 21st, Tuesday...

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Tengda Corporation’s marketing department.

Meng Chang had just finished watching a movie on his office computer and was a little sleepy. He got up and poured himself a cup of coffee before taking a look at his colleagues in the marketing department.

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Some were playing games, some were chatting, some were watching shows, some were reading novels, and some were napping...

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In short, there were all sorts of patterns, but none of them were working.

Meng Chang was the person-in-charge of the department but it was obvious that these employees did not care about his gaze at all. They continued playing as if Meng Chang did not exist.