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“The advantages of this cell phone are as mentioned. Next, we are going on to the disadvantages of this cell phone!”

Chang You forcibly started continuing to the next stage without any regard for the audience’s opposition.

The media in the front row took out their cell phones to take photos of the slideshow on the screen, but it was too late. They could only beat themselves up and sigh.

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“Did you get it?” “No!”

“It switched over too fast; I only managed to bring out my cell phone!” “What advantage did this cell phone have? I did not notice it since I was too engrossed in the crosstalk just now.”

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“Wasn’t the crosstalk talking about the advantages of the cell phone?”

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“I did not listen carefully.”

“But you clapped so hard just now?”

“I only felt that Vice President Chang’s speech was pretty neat...”

“He’ll probably reiterate it again later?”

“He might not repeat it again going by the strangeness of the news conference during the previous stages...”

Chang You ignored these noises and continued to follow Boss Pei’s instructions to introduce the shortcomings of this phone.