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Though it may seem impossible for me to recover from the gap in our scores, I’d still get 11 points for getting a first-place Early Bird Bonus. And with four chances per day, I’d catch up just by placing first nine times in a row. Of course, this was also provided that Kōenji wouldn’t earn any points of his own in the meantime.

If Kōenji were to maintain his current pace and keep diligently racking up points, he’d end up with a final score of around 350, so if I wanted to bridge the gap, I’d have to earn close to 40 points per day for the rest of the exam. If you were to ask that of another group, they’d pass it off as impossible and probably give up on the spot. However, even an outlier like Kōenji would surely slow down during the second half of the exam.

“But tenth place has 101 points, huh?”

Back when the rules of this uninhabited island exam were first explained to us, I thought that groups would’ve had slightly higher scores by this point. However, from the current status of the top ten and the fact that I was currently ranked 49th overall, it felt like overall progress had stagnated somewhat since the exam entered the midgame. After overall efficiency hit its peak on the second or third day, a lingering sense of fatigue began to set in, and there had been a noteworthy increase in the number of missed designated areas, penalties, and Task abstentions.

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At the same time, since small groups were also steadily beginning to merge with each other, the total number of groups was going down little by little. This was definitely something I ought to keep in mind as well.

In order for me to successfully break into the upper ranks, I’d need to show significant growth during the second half of the exam.

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And the key to that was the tenth place score, which acted as the barrier between public knowledge and anonymity.

To that end, I previously strove to silently, patiently rise through the lower ranks during this first half without pushing myself too hard.

My efforts would’ve borne fruit starting tomorrow too, the eighth day, but with the exam having been put on hold today due to the heavy rain, I should expect another large spike of activity from all groups for the next two days or so. Furthermore, there would definitely be groups looking to conserve their stamina for the double points being offered on the final day as well.

This special exam seemed as if it was completely unwinnable for a one-man group. However, there was actually something contradictory residing within the relationship between the rules of the exam, basic movement, and Tasks.

If you tried to make it to your designated areas the fastest, you’d run the risk of missing out on Tasks; conversely, if you focused your energy on getting to Tasks, you’d most likely end up missing out on Early Bird Bonuses. This was a universal truth regardless of whether you were part of a large group or all on your own.

As a whole, the exam had been very cleverly constructed and balanced like this, from the fact that eligibility for Early Bird Bonuses was based on when the last person of a group stepped foot in the designated area, to the system put in place that required groups to venture out to Task sites without even knowing if they’d be able to participate.

It was unclear exactly when the rain would stop, and I was still worried about Nanase among a few other things, but starting tomorrow, the second half of the exam would begin, and I was going to fight with an all-new strategy in hand.

The heavy rain lasted until just about the break of dawn, casting a large shadow of anxiety over the students.

However, by 6:00 AM, the rainclouds had vanished as if they’d never existed in the first place, painting the sky with the same clear blue as the days before. That being said, the forest’s canopy was so thick that it completely blocked out the sunlight in certain places, leaving behind a muddy forest floor that would take a while to dry up.

“I’ll have to address the food shortage sooner rather than later…”

I was gradually starting to run out of energy, unable to maintain the daily caloric intake necessary for a high school student. As I had never undergone intentional starvation training before, this was my first time experiencing what it was like to have an empty stomach for such an extended period of time.

While it’d be possible to stay active as long as I kept myself hydrated, that wouldn’t exactly be the best routine to fall into. My immune system would take a hit and leave me susceptible to illness and disease. I guess it wouldn’t be impossible to hunt for wild animals or insects, but it shouldn’t have to come to that unless I had no other option.

You could buy food back at the starting area if you still had provision points left over, but that wasn’t an effective long-term solution, nor was it available to me.