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I’m way worse than SALT0519. Even so, I still called her my rival. …That’s because there’s a grudge between us.

I fought her for the first time a year ago. During that time, I was trying to host my first live stream. I remembered the plan for that video is something like “ending after winning X times.” The content is standard and relaxed. Initially, I expected that although I’ll screw up a couple times, I can still finish the entire thing in an hour. To me, it’s just an experimental plan.

-Well, it’s until SALT0519 showed up.

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I think you can guess this already. In the end, the live streamer went on for a torturing 4 hours. When the win streak’s about to reach its goal, SALT0519 will barge in and defeat me. I had to restart. Then, when I’m one win away from ending, SALT0519 came again and ruined the streak. The cycle goes on and on. The audience was even getting interested, so I can’t reject her match invitation. I dragged on for a long time. In the end, I never reached the goal when she went offline. …Being a person that always emphasizes progress management, that was such a bitter memory. After that, I rarely opened Twitch anymore.

Well, it’s actually quite impressive for a video. However, I’m not determined enough to remain undamaged after getting wrecked for 4 hours straight.

Of course, I’ve since held a grudge against SALT0519. …However, something expected happened on the next day.

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I didn’t expect that damn SALT0519 to send me a friend request.

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Initially, I thought she just wanted to insult me. However, she left down a great message. “Let’s play next time too.” My temper immediately went away, and I accepted the friend request.

After that, although it’s just within < Complete Zero >, we still interacted with each other through the matches quietly. Then, I found out that she didn’t mean to mess up my first battle with her. It’s just that she thought I’m a nice person that continued to fight despite losing, and she loved it. Therefore, she requested a match after match.

Moreover, I found out all that since I looked at her social media account. She registered it to conquer fighting game players. I knew who she is from her posts. Of course, I never get to know her actual name. Even so, I can still feel she’s a girl. At the same, she’s engaged in a variety of fighting games as well. While she’s strong, she’s only a legend that the fighting circle knows due to her match style. Also…

“Uh, you just lost again. …Kiriya-san.”


After I snapped out from the memories, the screen displayed something that happened a few minutes ago. My character fell to the ground while SALT0519’s cheering out loud.