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「Yes. That’s my most favorite flower in the whole world.」Rose nodded.

For a while, we simply stood side by side and enjoyed gazing at the Hundred Million Year Sakura.

After a few minutes, Rose turned to me.

「By the way, why are you here, Allen? Can’t sleep?」

「Hmm? I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind just wouldn’t calm down. So I thought about swinging for a change of mood, and I happened to see you standing on the terrace.」

「Fufu, swinging at this time… You’re still the same as ever.」

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With an amazed expression, Rose chuckled.


Rose’s smile – illuminated by the moonlight – was indescribably beautiful. Snow-white skin. Silver hair which reflects the light of the moon, seeming to shine in the darkness. And the Hundred Million Year Sakura in full bloom behind her in that situation, made me feel like I wanted to immortalize that perfect beautiful sight into a picture frame.

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As I was staring at Rose in fascination,

「What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?」

She adorably tilted her neck and put her hand on her cheek.

「N-No, nothing… O-Oh right! I had something to ask… Is that okay!?」

I immediately brought up another topic so that she wouldn’t realize I was charmed by her.