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“Stupid, we’re not dating. Not at all. No, seriously.”

“Then what were you guys talking about stealthily during class? It was something we’re not allowed to hear about, isn’t it. It was about dates, or about dates, or about a promise to go on a date, right!? Aahh, I’m jealous!”

“No, no. Horikita isn’t that kind of girl anyway.”

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“I don’t know that. We’ve never had the chance to talk anyway. If it wasn’t for Kushida, we might not even know her name. She has no presence, and doesn’t talk at all.”

Is that so? Well, I’ve also never seen her talk to anyone other than me or Kushida.

“Not even knowing her name, that’s cruel.”

“Then do you know all of your classmate’s names?”

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… I tried to recall, but I could only remember half of my classmate’s names. Point taken.

“Her face is cute though, right? So we were paying attention to her.”

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They were nodding their heads.

“Her personality is difficult, though. I don’t like that kind of girl.”

Sudou said after drinking his coffee.

“Yea, her personality is—how should I put it—harsh and snappy? I’d like to date someone who I can hold a good conversation with. Of course, someone cute. Someone like Kushida-chan.”

Of course, Ike’s favorite is still Kushida.

“Ah~ Date Kushida-chan—then do ecchi things!”

Yamauchi cried out.