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After writing the timetable, Pei Qian handed the marker to Yaling. “Coach, write down when they should have additional meals.”

Coach Yaling: “Additional meals?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course! Aren’t additional meals necessary if you’re training? Eating less and more frequently is good for the body. Write down when they should have additional meals and make sure that they’re eating enough. They would not be allowed to order take-out outside the stipulated times.”

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Coach Yaling pondered about this for a moment. Then, she added a cup of black coffee in the morning; egg white and cereal at 10 AM; some beef, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and a cup of black coffee at 3 PM; and a post-training meal at about 9 PM.

They would have smaller but more frequent meals without increasing their total caloric intake. That would prevent them from over-eating, prolong their satiety, reduce stress on their stomachs, and increase their metabolism.

Pei Qian nodded. “Very good. They’ll eat more and train more. Hopefully, when I come back the next time, all of them would look as well-built as fitness instructors!”

Zhang Yuan’s head began to hurt as he looked at the timetable. They would be healthy for sure, but would their training be effective?

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What’s more, those internet addicts were already used to their own lifestyles. Would they be able to sleep at 10 PM if they were forced to?

Zhang Yuan raised that question.

Pei Qian sniggered. “They wouldn’t be able to sleep?”

He turned to face Coach Yaling. “Coach Yaling should know how to deal with their insomnia.”

Coach Yaling was momentarily stunned, but she soon nodded. Boss Pei’s meaningful look said one thing to her: ‘intensify your training!’ It would be easy to deal with their insomnia. They would just have to train so intensely that they would not be able to get out of bed.

Again, Zhang Yuan said, “I have another question, Boss Pei. Can we guarantee the effectiveness of their training?”.

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If they had a coach, they could calculate the results of the mock competitions and analyze each team member’s objective problems.

However, Coach Yaling did not even understand GOG. How could she replay, then?