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After sitting down for a short while, Assistant Xin came to report updates on her task.

“Boss Pei, I’ve already asked around about the factories.

“The abandoned factory buildings in the old industrial zone are meant to be developed into cultural industrial parks; that’s why they’re not for sale. However, the good news is that rent is cheap because nobody’s interested in them.

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“The monthly rent for these factory buildings is about eight to nine yuan per square meter. This sum of money would be considered negligible to our company. “If you want to turn these factory buildings into a haunted house, you have to think about how big you want the haunted house to be and how many factory buildings you would need. That would make it easier to calculate the initial investment.”

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Pei Qian nodded. It was much cheaper than he had imagined

At a monthly rate of eight to nine yuan per square meter, Pei Qian would only need to pay about a million yuan for several huge factory buildings, with a total of ten thousand square meters. That sum would be incomparable to the rental Pei Qian was paying for office buildings.

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Of course, whether rent was expensive or not depended on location.

These factories were located in a deserted place. If one rented these factories but did not generate any revenue, they would practically be throwing one million yuan into the trash every month. That was why most people were not willing to take them up.

Assistant Xin continued speaking. “There’s another thing. Boss Pei, are we going to have an annual meeting this year? If you want to do that, we should start preparing soon.”

Pei Qian paused, and then immediately said, “Yes, of course!”

He had almost forgotten about that altogether!

Holding annual meetings was a great way to spend money. How could Pei Qian miss the opportunity?

He did not hold an annual meeting last year because Tengda had still been too small. That was why he had not seen a point.

However, Tengda had many more employees this year. It was logical to organize an annual meeting!

He could hold a lucky draw during the annual meeting and give an additional prize to every attendee. Wouldn’t that allow him to spend a huge sum of money?

He had to thank Assistant Xin for reminding him!