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Despite Thousand Blade Academy being mocked, everyone from Class A and the seniors were strangely quiet.

On the contrary, they had a smug grin on their face for some reason.

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(What the hell is going on…?)

As I tilted my head looking at the audience seating,

「Oi Oi, what’s up? You can withdraw if you’re too scared you know?」

Gallow-san said that and laughed at me.

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「…No, it’s okay.」

I’m way past getting used to the jeers from audiences.

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(And I’m no longer alone…)

Even the lone cheer from Ria, outstrips ten thousand boos.

「Kukuku, I see I see… Well, you need not worry. Against a third-rate swordsman who is unaffiliated with any school and without a soul dress… haha! It would be too pitiful to use my full power…!」

Gallow-san repeated the provocation, his shoulders shaking together with his laughter.

As a swordsman, I couldn’t ignore this.

「The match between swordsmen is a serious battle.」

It is true that I was not allowed to enter any school, and I have not been able to manifest my soul dress yet.

Still – I am a『swordsman』.

To go easy on your opponent in a sword match is a very disrespectful act.

「Oi Oi, what a funny thing you’re saying… I, a super genius swordsman, a “serious battle” against a leftover scrap bastard like you? Ha, it’s not even going to be a『match』! Or rather, if you get too cocky… I’ll kill you!」

Gallow-san said that, and shot a sharp gaze.