Whether online make money project is reliable

Whether online make money project is reliable

Old Qiao, I didn’t give you any money.

Do you have to go against your conscience to praise me?

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Look at what you’re saying in the video. Is that human language?

No King Rules Forever? That was why the respected games manufacturers overseas would also fall off their pedestal, and Tengda Games would lead domestically-produced games to the top and replace them?

What the f*ck...?

Pei Qian did not know what to say.

‘Mission and Choice’ was just a game. What was the point of forcing it?

Pei Qian felt like his lifeforce could not take the weight.

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However, on further thought, Qiao Liang had gone overboard with his bragging. Objectively speaking, he should have been despised right?

While ‘Mission and Choice’ spent a lot of money, Pei Qian still felt that it was not enough to make the game ‘god-like’ after all. What’s more, many players had reverse psychology. The more they bragged, the more they would feel disgusted.

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Thus... Teacher Qiao’s video might backfire?

He continued reading.

“Some viewers might say, ‘Aiya, Old Qiao, you’re exaggerating too much! This might be a good game, but it’s just too good in quality with an okay plot. It’s not appropriate to give so much historical meaning to it.’”

“I can only say that if you think that way, you’re thinking about it too simply!”

“Perhaps many years later, when we look back on the history of domestically-produced standalone games, we will realize: When did we have the first ‘sincere work’ that looks good? When did we start to have many small but beautiful independent games? When did we have a huge system that is comparable to foreign 3A games? When did our classic domestically-produced games gather together and have more and more memorable good games...”