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「Here they are! One of the Five Academy, the all-girl『White Lily Academy』!」

We finally matched with one of the『Five Academy』, White Lily Academy.

(This is it! This is my first battle against another Five Academy since the Ice King Academy!)

As I was getting fired up,

「I-It’s over…」

「T-This might be a little hard…」

「Man… No matter how I think about it, this is『checkmate』though…」

The president and senpais said with their shoulders drooped.

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Even the always positive Lilim-senpai, had a bitter smile.

「Are they really that strong…!?」

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When I, who don’t know much about the Five Academy, asked – the president simply nodded.

「They’re not just strong… White Lily Academy is a super-strong academy that has been the『runner-up』in the last five Sword King Festivals consecutively.」

「Yes yes, and this year, the strongest first-year student known as『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria has joined them. Allen-kun… work hard!」

「No, you don’t really have to work hard. I just want you to do your best so you don’t get killed at the very least though…」Ferris-senpai said relatively seriously.

(T-The other party is that strong…!?)

When my eyes widened in surprise,

「Now, let’s start with the customary contestant introduction!」