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“Nu, Lady Kron “

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“I’m not quite sure, but I do feel sorry for this person. He seems unwell, doesn’t he?”

Jamdi’el gave José a cold shoulder, as if he were a piece of trash.

“… High Priestess… I understand your true intentions, but…… Goddess Kron… what about your feelings? Kron is a goddess, but… still just a girl! Regardless of fate, she should be tied with the man she loves!”

If not for his previous statements, I might have thought José’s cry was very cool.

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Well, this remark may be for his tremendous self-esteem, like saying “I feel sorry for Kron since she can’t be with me, because she likes me”.

Then Kron…

“Well, you’re a very sweet person, you care about me, don’t you?”


“Yes, actually I…… when Jamdi’el told me about this a few months ago, I was a little upset. I didn’t know anything about romance or falling in love with a boy, but I guess I’m different from the stories of princesses who live happily ever after with their wonderful princes like you read in the picture books… it made me a little sad.”

Kron turned a happy smile at José. With that smile, José’s eyes shone as if he had found hope. But……

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“That’s why I’m very happy right now. Hard-working, strong, cheerful, and laughs happily with friends… he was so cool today. My heart was pounding. I can stay with Earth from now on…… I was not free to, but from now on, I’m glad that I can love Earth to my heart’s content, and when I think about our future marriage life, my heart feels warm!”

“Ah… uh… oh… I’m… idiot…

In many ways, I couldn’t bear to see it anymore.

José was already in such despair that he didn’t even scream, he just plunged his head into the ground.