Do you make a part-time foreign language translation?

Do you make a part-time foreign language translation?

『Come now, the world is full of many diverse humans, or so I heard. Those who do not care for law or order.... known as ‘the Mafia’ existed.』

Mafia. I heard that That reminded me of something.

“Ah? No, I remembered it in the Mafia...... certainly, a few years ago, my father took the initiative on the ‘Mafia Expulsion Initiative’, and so the minister who was connected with the big organization was disposed of. Hmm... the name was... well...”

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I was too young, I wasn’t really interested, and it hasn’t been on the test yet, so I don’t remember much.

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But I was aware of such a big event in the Empire.

『......the Bockmati Family......?』

“Ah, yes! That’s it!”

I finally remembered the name when he said it.

And, it seemed to be an organization that Tre’ainar also knew, and he had a slightly surprised expression.

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『I see... they have fallen?』

“Did you know them?”

『Well...... there were useful. In addition, the boss of the organization was also a known Martial Artist, one of the Six Supremacy even acknowledged his strength.』

It sounds a little nostalgic...

『The boss of the Bockmati family......’Inai’ expanded the organization with his stout arm, and with fearless audacity, he went to the Demon Realm and traded directly with the Demons.』

“Oh...... Inai... certainly, I saw the name spread in the Imperial City Newspapers. The Imperial Knights captured him.”