There is no industry to make money online

There is no industry to make money online

The two of them continued working seriously after whispering to each other for a while.

In the office, Assistant Xin knocked not long after Pei Qian sat down.

“Boss Pei, the probability of 515 gaming festivals... was modified by you?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, I realized that the probability of the lucky draw is a little low and that it is not strong enough. That’s why I changed it. What is the current situation with our funds?”

Assistant Xin answered truthfully. “At first, we could not hold on much longer. However, this weekend, the sales of the smart fitness drying rack suddenly increased. The revenue from Fitness Battle would be transferred to the account soon. Once this sum of money arrives, the situation of the funds would be greatly relieved!”

“However... The probability of the 515 Games Festival has been changed. Our estimated expenses have increased by more than 30%!”(MISSING)

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“In that case, with our current funds, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to finish the 515 Game Festival. However, I’m afraid we won’t have the energy to organize new activities after that.”

“Of course, you have also achieved your goal of changing the probability. Now, there are already players on the internet who have discovered the change in probability. In addition to the previous lucky draw incident, the current trend on the internet is completely on our side.”

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Pei Qian’s mood was like a roller coaster, fluctuating wildly with Assistant Xin’s report.

Pei Qian had been quite happy when he heard that the cost of the 515 Game Contest had increased by more than 30%! (MISSING)However, his face fell when he heard the last paragraph.

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What the hell?

Had he been discovered by the gamers?