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“If a gamer—who has never played such games-entered this game, they would completely ruin the game for everyone else.

“Boss Pei had to ensure that everyone had the right attitude and the same level of intellect and that most people would enjoy the game without having their experience ruined by teammates who could not adapt to the gameplay. That meant he had to ‘train’ the gamers...”

Qiao Liang became increasingly sure that he had understood Boss Pei’s true intentions! The logic was simple. However, he still needed to find the right material in the game to persuade everyone else.

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What’s more, it still seemed a bit too early to reveal all of these things.

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On one hand, he had not completely gotten the hang of the complicated gameplay in Be Quiet. Without good footage or a good plan, the video would turn out very dry. On the other hand, the debate that everyone was having over the game had not yet hit its peak.

After some consideration, Qiao Liang decided to keep playing the game to gather more material.

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Next week, he would upload a new video into Products of the Gods. In the video, he would talk about Be Quiet, the online horror game that had taken an unusual path. He would also explain the deeper meaning behind the ARG that Boss Pei had designed as part of his publicity strategy! Qiao Liang believed that the video would solve many questions and misunderstandings that gamers might have had about Boss Pei!

March 14th, Monday...

Chang You paced around his office, feeling anxious. The button on the details page of OTTO E1 on Otto Technologies’ official website had changed from ‘reserve’ to ‘purchase’. People did not have to fight for cell phones anymore. That seemed like a good thing, but it was not to Chang You.

That was because it meant sales had plateaued!

They had poured all of their revenue into manufacturing new cell phones. One could say that Otto Technologies was penniless now. Other companies would not have been able to do the same for sure.

Chang You knew very well that Otto Technologies had a strong pillar of support that it could count on. It could only afford to manufacture so many stocks because Boss Pei was funding the company.

That was exactly why Chang You felt bad towards Boss Pei. How were they going to sell more than ten thousand cell phones?!

Yet, Boss Pei had instructed Chang You time and again to just make sure there were enough stocks and not to bother about anything else. He could neither think about making sales nor lowering the cell phones’ prices.

As a result of sitting around, Chang You became more anxious.

He did not even dare to check the comments on the website. He knew that people had been calling him ‘Big Mouth Chang’ before. Now that he had betrayed Boss Pei’s trust, he was finding it even more difficult to deal with the mockery and criticism.

As Chang You continued to pace around the room, his cell phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was Hu Xianbin.