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“Everyone, work hard and train hard. You must get good results!”

The contestants said in unison, “Alright!”

December 23rd, Friday...

Pei Qian sipped his coffee and swiped his cell phone in the morning.

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“FV Club is already in Los Angeles. Why are there so many updates on Weibo?”

“Holy sh*t, the food and accommodation are so good? I regret not going...”

“Forget it, forget it. There’s nothing good overseas.”

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“Eh? Why do I feel like I’ve been scolded? How many melons have I missed in my sleep?”

When Pei Qian woke up, it was already night time in Los Angeles. FV Club had already posted several Weibo posts, from boarding the plane to checking into the hotel, and then starting training. They had posted many pictures and videos.

After all, the three photographers had accompanied them the entire time. Apart from taking photos and editing, they had nothing else to do. They could only try their best to make their presence known.

At the beginning, the Weibo page was still mainly filled with photos. There were even short videos that had been edited.

Obviously, they had nothing better to do in the internet cafe.