What software is used to buy something yourself on our Taobao?

What software is used to buy something yourself on our Taobao?

"The difference between those.....I don't understand it".

"Preparation is, for instance, who will be participating in the contests in which order, or which ones in the other classes are athletic or unathletic, figuring that out. Discerning which order they will be going in. And, to make sure information about us doesn't leak. That sort of thing. To try and conquer it and looking for loopholes is to force someone into being absent prior to the competition or forcing them to retire halfway through it, that sort of thing. In other words, you're just saying you want a strong hand to play, right?".

It's natural that Horikita, who has always tried to attack from the front up until now and has lost up until now, would think that way. It's natural to want to do something to ensure you won't be overtaken by your opponents in this sports festival.

But even so, if it's that easy to do something about it no one would be having a difficult time.

"At best, you're saying that it's necessary to fight openly and win?".

Regardless of which answer Horikita chooses from now, I have no intention of affirming or denying it. Why? Because the strategy to win isn't singular but always consists of two sides.

Whether it's the uninhabited island or shipboard or this sports festival. It is possible to 'win upfront' or to 'win through a loophole' both. The point is, the important thing is to choose a fighting style that befits the person.

Right now, she's neither heads nor tails. She's at the point where she's about to become one of those.

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If we say Katsuragi and Ichinose are heads, while Ryuuen and I are tails, I wonder which one will she choose. I do understand her feeling of wanting to resort to 'tails' after having used that all the way up until now. But still, it's precisely because using 'tails' is extremely difficult in this sports festival that I'm warning her.

"What you think of it is up to you. Horikita, what do you think is the advantage Class D holds right now?".

".....it seems like the quarrel between Class B and Class C will carry some advantages for us, perhaps".

For a brief moment, I thought of ignoring it but I changed my mind.