What methods do you have on online Internet What are the methods?

What methods do you have on online Internet What are the methods?

Pei Qian calmed himself down. A while later, he arrived at Huanyu Tianjie.

He alighted from the car and headed straight for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe which was on the third floor.

Pei Qian had been keeping an eye on Tengda over the past few days. Thus, he had not visited Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in a long time. He needed to see the situation for himself today before he could relax.

Yet, before entering the internet cafe, Pei Qian felt that something was amiss.

It was a Sunday afternoon. As this was the biggest shopping mall in Jingzhou City, Huanyu Tianjie received many visitors.

Normally, this did not affect Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in any way since it was located on the third floor. After all, most people only came here to shop, eat, and watch movies. Few people would come here to play games. While he had been looking for suitable locations for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Pei Qian had noticed that the two clothes shops on this floor were relatively deserted. Even the coffee shop drew a limited crowd. That was why he decided to set up the new Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branch here.

Yet, something about the current situation looked off!

Pei Qian had taken the elevator up. There were many people inside. Pei Qian was not too concerned at first; he had thought that they were on their way to watch a movie or eat some food. Yet, to his shock, the entire group of people emerged on the third level!

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Stunned, Pei Qian became the last person to get out of the elevator. He stared wide-eyed as the entire group of people walked towards Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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Wait a moment! Stop right there! What are you doing?! Stop walking around!

Pei Qian walked briskly towards Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. When he looked inside the internet cafe, his breath caught in his throat; and he almost fainted.

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More than sixty percent of the seats were filled. From the way things were going, Pei Qian guessed it would not be long before his losses would be turned to profits!

To h*ll with bitterness ending and sweetness beginning!

Pei Qian immediately looked for Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan.