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On the way back, Zhang Yahui passed by a roasted cold noodles stall and specially made a serving for himself, making Zhang Lixian praise him non-stop.

After walking around, he returned to the entrance.

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Zhang Yahui took a stack of notebooks from the provision store and gave them to Zhang Lixian, the photographer, and the other colleagues from the television station as gifts.

“Thank you so much!”

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“I feel bad taking things every time I come for an interview...”

“All in all, thank you for accepting our interview!”

Zhang Lixian left reluctantly after confirming that all the material had been recorded.

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There were still many delicious snacks tempting her, but she could eat them the next time she came.

She was in Jingzhou anyway and could come over anytime.

She had to edit the news as soon as possible!

Zhang Lixian had a feeling that this piece of news would definitely cause a huge reaction like the interview with Fish-Catching Take-Out and Boss Li!

Zhang Yahui heaved a sigh of relief after sending Zhang Lixian and the cameraman off.

“Phew, at least I didn’t embarrass Boss Pei!”

June 22nd, Friday...

“Hmm... that should be enough.”