What is online selling more money?

What is online selling more money?

Bunny Tail’s live-stream only had basic functions. There were not many live streamers and not many viewers. It did not matter. They had to start first.

At that time, everyone would see that the live-stream platform was so cold that it formed the impression that this live-stream platform was not good enough. It would be even more difficult to make a comeback in the future.

Thus, Pei Qian immediately decided to let Bunny Tail live-stream be released without any preparation!

Ma Yang did not feel that anything was amiss. He left Pei Qian’s office happily and went back to urge Chen Yufeng to release the promotional video so that Bunny Tail Live-Stream would be officially debuted.

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Pei Qian stood up and went to the resting area to get a can of Coca Cola. Then, he quietly refreshed Aili Island’s website and waited patiently.

As expected, Old Ma immediately released the promotional video for Bunny Tail live-stream after he returned!

Pei Qian already knew about the contents of this promotional video. It was about ‘two different lives’. Those who watched the live-stream wasted their time and achieved nothing. Those who did not watch the live-stream used this time to enrich themselves, improve themselves, and successfully reach the peak of the workforce.

This promotional video was Meng Chang’s blood, sweat, and tears. Pei Qian trusted his ability very much.

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The audience would definitely be agitated and then criticize Bunny Tail live-stream badly, right?

Pei Qian watched the entire video from beginning to end. Then, he quietly refreshed the comments section to see how the audience would react.

“What does this promotional video mean?!”

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“Persuade us to cherish our time and not watch live-streams?”

“Isn’t this a f*cking promotional video for a live-stream website? Are they defaming themselves?”

“...As a lazy university dog, I seem to see myself in this promotional video.”

“Watching the live-stream in the dormitory is too realistic. It’s so real that it’s uncomfortable! I’ve reported it!”

“Who installed a surveillance camera in my place?”

“Aren’t you trying to disgust us? We watch live-streams to rest and relax, but are now being labeled as ‘wasting time’? Aren’t other entertainment activities also wasting time?”

“Does this Bunny Tail Live-Stream want to make a splash in the news? To criticize all its peers? However, it is also a live-stream platform... Isn’t this cursing itself?”

Obviously, the audiences were 30%!a(MISSING)ngry and 70%!c(MISSING)onfused.