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She suddenly snapped out of her calmness after saying that, the clump of rice fell back into the bento.

I tilted my head as I looked at Tendou-san’s face. She cleared her throat while blushing before continuing.

“It’s the chief’s responsibility to supervise, I don’t want you to go out of bounds with other girl members.”

“Go out of bounds…Tendou-san, who do you think I am? It’s hurtful if you believe that I’m a player or something like that.

“I didn’t say that, but I believe that you are the type of guy that pulls a girl’s heartstring unconsciously before leaving chicly. A disastrous being.”

“I feel like that’s worse than a player! Am…am I really like that!”


Tendou-san nodded her head calmly as if she’s describing a fact while chewing the rice…I can’t accept that. When did I mess with a girl’s heart? I feel like I was the one that is being messed with. Whether it’s Tendou-san, Chiaki, or Aguri-san…

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Tendou-san enjoying her meal for a while before continuing.

“Back to the topic. Whenever we’re in the Game Hobby Club, what attitude should I, Karen Tendou use? I’m bringing you here because I wanted to discuss this matter, it’s definitely not because I suddenly wanted to go on a lunch with you.”

“Oh, actually, I felt like something was going on when you suddenly invited me to this alone.”

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So, I’m definitely not complacent…I meant that while I’m trying to smooth things over. But then, Tendou-san immediately curled up her lips like she’s pissed off.

“…I can’t invite you to eat bento together without reason?”

“Eh? No, it’s not like that…But I can’t really imagine you to do that without any reasons…”

“W-What do you know about me! How complacent!”

“I still ended up getting called a complacent person!”

What should I do? There’s got to be a way to get out of this situation.