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Qiao Liang realized that he had obtained the skin of a new car. It was a mini spacecraft with a sci-fi feel to it. It was about the size of a sports car, but it had a pair of mini spacecraft wings. It had no wheels and was floating in the air.

Qiao Liang opened the scene page again. There were various scenes that players had activated in the game.

One of the new scenes was on the surface of a dark red planet filled with sand. All sorts of large and small craters could be seen around it. It looked like an outer space scene from a sci-fi movie.

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There seemed to be some huge caves in the distance. The caves were pitch black, as if some terrifying creatures were stirring within.

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“Eh, this is the Easter egg buried in the game? Does this mean that Boss Pei’s next game is a science fiction genre?”

“This spacecraft and setting seem to be quite fitting for The Lonely Desert Road.”

Qiao Liang carefully observed the spacecraft and the new setting and realized that there seemed to be no other information in it. It seemed to be a message that Tengda’s next new game should be a sci-fi theme.

However, it was unclear what type of game it was exactly.

“Alright, alright. Now that I have the skins and scenes, I can go and see Game Designer’s downloadable content.”

Everyone scattered at Qiao Liang’s command.

“Boss Pei is so crafty. He knows that The Lonely Desert Road sells for cheap and that there are many old gamers, so he purposely lowered the difficulty of the game. He even added cool new cars and new scenes. Players who are slightly more interested would spend five yuan to match the netizens to play, look at the new scene, and promote the new game...”

Qiao Liang sighed as he opened Game Designer.

Qiao Liang was an old gamer of Game Designer. He had been playing this game ever since it was released.

In order to produce a new episode of Products of the Gods, Qiao Liang had gone through almost all the endings. He was very familiar with the various forks in the road. as though it was his own backyard.

However, after entering the game this time, he realized that Game Designer seemed to have changed significantly.

The most obvious point was that the original standalone game had become a standalone game with internet connection.

The previous downloadable content of the game had only been updated with new voice-overs and new settings. The gameplay had not improved much even though there were many new updates.

Strictly speaking, this game would only be fun the first time they played it. It could only become a collectible after playing for a while and knowing all the endings.