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“Shut your mouth and play!”

That’s strange, even though it’s just a gaming session with my brother, but I somehow managed to decide what I should do with Tendou-san.

Karen Tendou

“Amano-kun is asking me to meet him…after school?”

I shockingly replied, and Hoshinomori-san, who is walking next to me, nodded her head nervously.

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In the morning, on the second floor of the high school. Hoshinomori-san wanted to talk to me abruptly. To avoid attention, I left the classroom with her, and then we headed to somewhere quiet. While it’s good to know that we can talk in peace…

My heart skipped a beat because what Hoshinomori-san said was too surprising. Being the introvert, she fiddled with the tip of her hair with a finger, and stiffly replied.

“Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes. Ehm, Keita said he doesn’t know how to contact you, so he sent me a message and asked me to tell you.”

“A-Alright. It’s inconvenient for him to show up right now, after all.”

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I still remembered his pale face when I accidentally bumped into him yesterday.

A tinge of pain surrounded my chest. I continued so that I can cover that up.

“So, what does Amano-kun wish to speak to me…”

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“Ehm, I’m not sure about that part. Ehm, but I guess it’s related to you two dating?”

“Y-Yeah, I guess so.”

I replied with an uneasy tone. It’s been two days since we announced that we are dating. There’s a lot we wanted to talk about, but I used not knowing his contacts and me being busy as an excuse and avoided speaking to him.

There are two reasons. The first one, maybe he saw that I am too embarrassed as well. My face will become as red as a tomato if I am talking to him about our date. Like right now, I can feel my cheeks are heating up when I think about him. I’m quite sure about this.

Another reason is…