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For the current Huang Sibo, the only thing that mattered to him was the progress of the game!

Boss Pei was such a wise man who tasked him with a heavy burden while rewarding him handsomely for it. At the same time, he was even taking everyone to Guangzhou for a learning exchange? There was no way they could repay him for his kindness!

If Huang Sibo did not ensure that the game was created perfectly, he would be letting down on Boss Pei’s grooming!

Besides, Huang Sibo wanted to check out Sun Strike Studios as well.

That was a famous studio domestically and before he had entered the industry, Huang Sibo had once placed that studio as his target to reach in the industry!

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After he had started working, Huang Sibo had heard of rumors relating to Sun Strike Studios as well.

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There were people who claimed that Sun Strike Studios once gave five months worth of salary as bonus.

Others claimed that Sun Strike Studios’ monthly bonus for the design team was even higher than their own base salary.

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Some even claimed that Sun Strike Studios once gave off a sports car at the end of the year as a grand bonus.

Huang Sibo had not verified the rumors before but it was clear that Sun Strike Studios was a dream for most people in the gaming industry.

To be able to visit a place as such would definitely be beneficial for his career!

A month had passed by quickly.

November 27th, Friday.

Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s employees had arrived at their hotel from the airport and were sent to their own rooms to place their luggage.

Handong Province was in winter right now and it was chilling cold. However, the temperature was higher in Guangzhou and as the afternoon sun basked on everyone, they felt a warm feeling surge through them.