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However, he had already seen multiple endings of the game and returned to his own apartment. The game was no longer as challenging as it was before. Now, he could finally study the details that he missed out on.

The more he studied, the more he realized that the game was rich in content!

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Qiao Liang began to suspect that there was a full team in charge of plot design. That was the only way they could have produced such a perfect, detailed story!

Of course, objectively speaking, Repent and be Saved did not have as much content as foreign AAA games with rich storylines. In fact, the former would be considered quite fragmented.

However, the feeling of uncovering treasure captivated Qiao Liang. He could not stop even if he wanted to!

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After writing a long plan for his video, Qiao Liang decided to take a break.

He made a bowl of noodles and accessed his fan group, wanting to see what his fans were talking about.

“When is the new video going to be published? I can’t wait any longer…” “Stop rushing him. He’s in the process of making it. Has Teacher Qiao ever lied to you?”

“Every time I ask, you say he’s making it. As if that’s true! I think it’s hard to say whether Teacher Qiao even managed to complete the

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“Are you a fake fan? Teacher Qiao was officially invited to test the game a long time ago. It’s said that he already completed it. He only made a deal with the officials not to expose the game’s contents.” “Sh*t, just talking about the game gets me mad. I’ve been playing it for four days, but I still can’t pass the Road to the Underworld.”

“My true brother who’s stuck at the Road to the Underworld, I am stuck at Mengpo.”

“You just need to fight a bit harder to defeat Mengpo, right? The magistrates after her are the real tough ones to beat. They’ll kill you until you start doubting your own existence.”

The fans were discussing the game’s contents and their experience.

The atmosphere in Teacher Qiao’s fan group was relatively good. People were not arguing over the game’s difficulty.

Perhaps this was because most of Teacher Qiao’s fans were hardcore gamers, and they were more patient than ordinary gamers.

“Ai, it looks like this game is not meant for lousy players like me. I really admire how far you guys are progressing in the game.”