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“(And then, if he really likes Hoshinomori-san… Tasuku won’t be looking at Amano-chi, but at Hoshinomori-san instead! He’ll be wondering what Hoshinomori-san thinks of Amano-chi! He’ll definitely look at her reaction!)”

At the very least, Aguri can figure out if Tasuku likes Tendo-san or Hoshinomori-san.

Oh, but…

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“(The worst thing that could happen is if Tasuku looks over at Aguri. After all… if he sees his girlfriend while meeting the person he cheated with, mou, I don’t know how a cheater thinks! Well, Tasuku probably won’t do that, though!)”

At any rate, everything Aguri learns during lunch will be the truth.

In other words… Amano-chi’s event has turned into a litmus test to find out Tasuku’s true feelings by focusing on his expressions!

“(Ah, Aguri is such a smart girl! As expected of Tasuku’s girlfriend and Amano-chi’s shishou! Aguri’s craftiness is amazing!)”

While ignoring the lesson going on, Aguri let out quiet laughter.

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“Ufu… fufu… kufufufu…”


Ignoring the class chairman’s worried look, Aguri marveled at her own professional human relationship skills, and kept laughing creepily.

Hoshinomori Chiaki

It looks like Tendo-san will go to Keita during lunch.

I heard the information from my classmates during break time—or, more accurately, after I overheard my classmates’ conversation, I stopped using up my stamina in my social networking game and contemplated over the information by myself.

“(Tendo-san… has business with Keita? I wonder why…)”

I peeked at Tendo-san. The concerned person was in the middle of the classroom, having a pleasant chat with the other students. As always, she’s beautiful, even to me. A sight for sore eyes, one could say. …For some reason, a sigh leaves my mouth.

“(Obviously, people other than Uehara-san would like her…)”

It’d be absurd to call her my rival in love. There’s a huge difference between her and me, who’s currently sitting down in the corner of the classroom, playing a social networking game quietly. Or rather, I feel like I haven’t said a word since I left the house. Even though it’s break time after 3rd period. …I think my vocal cords are deteriorating.

While thinking about such things, I looked at Tendo-san again. Obviously, the rumors about what will happen at lunch haven’t reached her friends in the middle of the classroom. The people talking about the rumors were still hanging around the edge of the classroom, looking towards the middle.