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However, the update package for tens of Gigabytes was real!

Mission and Choice’s production company had long closed down. The game now belonged to the official platform.

The official platform couldn’t possibly be the one who updated this update, right?

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Mischief? That’s impossible. It’s been half a month since April Fool’s Day.

Qiao Liang suddenly perked up. He felt that there seemed to be infinite possibilities in these dozens of gigabytes!

He did not expect there to be a surprise?

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The download speed of the official platform was very stable and download progress was steadily increasing, but it still required some time.

Qiao Liang took a can of Coca Cola from the fridge and sat in front of his computer, thinking about playing something to pass the time. However, he could not help but check the progress bar for updates every once in a while.

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“I feel like I’m dreaming about ten years ago...”

Qiao Liang still remembered that his family had spent a huge sum of money to buy a computer when he was in primary school. The screen was very small and the CPU was very big. There was also a small water pipe speed of less than 100K on the internet. Even looking at the webpage and adding pictures was very slow. What’s more, it was limited in traffic and time. If he did not pay attention, the time would be over.

At that time, Qiao Liang had to calculate carefully every time he went online. Once he searched for strategies online, he would jot them down in his notebook. Then, he would play standalone games that he could not pass.

Later on, his speed increased a little with the broadband. Qiao Liang began to download games online. At that time, he could download games with a speed of a few hundred kilobytes. Sometimes, he had to download more than ten gigabytes. At times, he had to download a few or even dozens of hours.

Qiao Liang’s mood at that time was exactly the same as it was now. Every now and then, he would check the download progress.