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How to open online shop online?


I understood that everyone’s eyes were focused on my back.

「The worst case scenario would be if everyone is held back here! So, while I’m holding back Fu, go to the rooftop quickly!」I shouted.

「Allen, make sure to come after us. It’s a promise, okay?」

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「…I haven’t won against you even once. I won’t acknowledge it if you lose in this place.」

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「Aa, I got it.」

Ria and Rose ran, saying something that sounded very much like them.

「… Allen-kun, I am sorry to always impose a difficult role on you. But… Thank you.」

「I always feel bad about it, but… I have to ask you to do this again.」

「Something this trivial shouldn’t be a problem for an inhuman like you, right? I’m counting on you, Allen.」

「Yes, I’ll try my best. Please save the president.」

After exchanging words briefly, the senpais also started running.

As everyone rushed to the rooftop, Fu surprisingly overlooked them.

On the contrary, he turned his back to me and walked towards a cupboard nearby.

He took out two pairs of fine quality cups and saucers, and placed them on a desk with a white tablecloth laid on top.

After that, he put something like tea leaves in the cup and poured hot water from a pot.