How to make money online in Pacific Insurance

How to make money online in Pacific Insurance

This was also to take care of most people’s experience as much as possible. There would not be a situation where they came early but were snatched by others.

Logically speaking, these people could just wait and have their numbers called out in the internet cafe below. However, it was obvious that they were too passionate about VR. Thus, they would rather stand upstairs and watch!

The equipment in the VR experience area included keyboards, headphones, monitors, and a full set of Doubt VR headsets. Among them, the keyboards were fixed on a foldable table. They were unfolded when used and hung on the wall when not used.

The monitor would show the image in the VR glasses.

Of course, if players did not want others to watch it, they could also choose to close the screen. However, “Animal Island VR” was a cute casual game. There was nothing to hide. There was no need to close the screen.

Thus, one person played the game while the other two watched it. What’s more, they watched it with gusto!

The VR glasses were an all-in-one machine with a battery. They could be played wireless, but they could only last for more than two hours. In fact, the original intention of the design was for everyone to rest after playing for more than two hours and charge the glasses. They did not have to play for too long because it would be too tiring.

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That was the case for gamers at home. After all, the VR glasses were their own. They could just find some time to play them in fragments of their free time.

However, that was not the case in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Many people came specially. How could they leave in two hours?

Of course, he had to work hard!

However, Xiao Peng had obviously considered this point. When designing, he had fixed the charging line and data line of the VR glasses to the right wall by hanging them.

This line was hanging above their heads, so even if they used a wired method to play, players did not have to worry about being caught by this line. The experience was not much different from the wireless mode.