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While a story mode may seem good, it was in truth way beyond the capabilities of this team.

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A story mode was a classic example of a high risk low reward investment where the end result was often less than satisfactory – even after the team spent much effort and time to it, gamers might not buy into it!

With more resources such as time and manpower spent on the story mode, the other parts of the game were bound to be affected.

As for the new gamers experience portion where the game should be made as simple as possible, it would definitely stir the ire of their targeted group of gamers since FPS games often leaned towards elite gamers!

Most importantly, there was the third point.

Paywall equipment!

That was a lesson that Pei Qian had learnt from Ghost General previously.

In his previous life, the game, Crossfire, had managed to overtake Counter Strike despite its inferior hand sensitivity element.

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However, there was no Crossfire in this world nor similar games.

Why was that?

Pei Qian felt that it was because the games ecosystem in this world did not allow for similar games to exist!

On the surface, what Pei Qian was doing resembled Crossfire where there were a large number of paywalls. However, the achieved effects would be different because the ecosystem was thoroughly different too!

In 2009 of his previous life, free to play games with paywalls were the rage.

However, in this current world, the trend was for a fixed purchase price as well as paying to play. Even a game like Qute Three Kingdoms was dissed by the gamers for having a 1,000 yuan paywall.