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What is the real thing to download the app mission online?

I made up my mind as I raised from my seat. Then, I put back the tray and left the store.

The sunlight that’s less harsh than early August is scorching my skin.

…The short and condensed summer holiday of the north is about to meet its end.

Translator: your_pingas

“You’re saying that…you wanted to decide your stance at the Game Hobby Club?”

I grabbed a piece of my favourite fried chicken nugget with the front of my chopsticks as I asked. Then, Tendou-san answered while staring me face-to-face, straight into my eyes. “Yes.” I was so shocked to the point that I forgot to eat my nugget.

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Game Club Room, lunchtime, sometime after the end of the summer holiday.

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I’m currently experiencing one of the normiest activity possible, enjoying bento with my girlfriend alone in a closed room…That was supposed to be the case. The regretful thing is that my girlfriend doesn’t seem to want to play sweetly with me at all. The atmosphere in the room is literally a lunchtime conference.

Tendou-san set aside her silky blonde hair next to her ears as she continued.

“Even though I immediately accepted your second invitation to the Game Hobby Club during the summer holiday.”

“Y-You’re right, that’s really the case. I was a bit surprised even when I’m the one who invited you.”

Since Tendou-san hesitated to join in the past, I was honestly prepared to spend some time to convince her. I feel like I just wasted my energy there. Uh, even though I really appreciated it.

Tendou-san elegantly picked up a clump of rice from her bento before saying “Of course” without even taking a glance at me.

“When you said that you wanted to always be together, how can I, Karen Tendou reject-“