Is it true that the support of the online make money is true?

Is it true that the support of the online make money is true?

If not for Boss Pei, we would not have realized we could achieve this much!

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Pei Qian’s emotions were more complex than everyone else’s. However, his emotions were on the other end of the spectrum.

Pei Qian looked down at the lobster in his hands and then quietly tossed it aside.

Forget it, I’m not eating anymore.

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I’ve lost my appetite again!

September 21st…

In the morning, Pei Qian took a ride to Jingzhou City’s biggest shopping mall, Huanyu Tianjie.

Pei Qian had been here several times before. The first time was to buy a suit; the subsequent times were to allow his employees to spend as much money as they could.

However, Pei Qian had always come as a consumer. Each time he came to this mall, he purchased, purchased, and purchased. This time was different. He was here as the boss of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. He was playing a completely different character.

Of course, before he decided to open Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s new branch here, Pei Qian did his homework. He made sure that this shopping mall had nothing to do with Shenhua Real Estate.

Pei Qian did not want to receive a random call from a Boss Lin after opening the internet cafe, informing him that he no longer needed to pay rent for the shop space.

It was not a matter of how much money he had. The important thing was it would severely derail Boss Pei’s plan.

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Boss Pei hated having to alter his plan. After all, it was a world of difference to earn a million yuan and to lose a million yuan.

A single mistake could reduce Boss Pei to tears.

Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan selected a space on the third floor of Huanyu Tianjie. It measured about 800 square meters, and Pei Qian was quite happy with it.