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There were many unread messages on his cell phone. They were all from Zhang Yuan, Lin Chang, and the others.

“Boss Pei, how are things in Shanghai? Do you need our help?”

“Boss Pei, there’s a lot of news about you on the internet. It might have been released by Long Yu Corporation. They’re trying to ride on your popularity while stepping on GPL. Should we fight back?”

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Obviously, everyone on the internet knew that Pei Qian had been ‘caught’ by the director at the IOI Qualification Competition.

Pei Qian did not reply. Instead, he scrolled through the popular comments on his cell phone, looking pleasantly surprised.

Long Yu Corporation was not bad!

The intelligence gathering was not bad, and the tempo was brilliant!

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At the moment, there were two main topics being discussed on the internet. The first was that the FV Club was a club that Tengda had spent a huge sum of money to build. It was aiming to build the strongest IOI team. Boss Pei was very concerned about that. The second was that Boss Pei had personally come to the competition venue for the IOI qualifiers. Obviously, the IOI qualifiers were more popular than the GPL’s pre-season competition.

This was a very standard killer technique.

First, they would use fake reviewers to create hype, saying that FV Club was established by Tengda and was a dream team. They were determined to win the championship, and their excessive praises would arouse the disgust of passers-by. At the same time, they would attract more attention.

That way, as long as FV Club lost in the competition, the fake reviewers could immediately change the direction of the game and trample on FV Club until it was worthless.

The classic left-to-right fighting, setting targets and hitting them with their own actions which would have a precise strike effect. The targets were naturally FV club, Boss Pei and Tengda Corporation.

As one could imagine, once FV Club lost, comments like these would immediately spread across the internet:

“Isn’t Tengda very good at e-sports? They spent so much money to build a warship in the Milky Way just to be beaten up?”

“It has been proven that IOI is greater than GPL. Boss Pei, who was the authority in GOG, cannot play well in IOI. He can only be beaten up!”

“So what if the GPL is so gaudy? Didn’t Boss Pei come all the way to Shanghai to watch his own club being tortured?”

Long Yu Corporation would have a lot of space to make use of as long as he could muddle the waters.

Of course, it would not affect GOG’s dominance in the country. However, IOI would definitely take away some of its popularity.