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Next would be the debrief of the competition and dinner.

Zhang Yuan’s expression was more anxious now.

He knew that this could not go on!

In the past, two teams of the DGE Club were the strong against the strong, since Huang Wang and Jiang Huan’s understanding of the game surpassed other club players and coaches so they became stronger as the two teams practiced each other.

However, the two teams were now rookies!

The shortcomings of the two teams without any personal coach of the DGE Club were stark now that the other clubs were on the right track now. The two teams would not be as good as other clubs no matter how much they practiced.

However, the problem was that Zhang Yuan himself was only a manager. He could see where the problems were, but he did not know how to solve them.

The two teams could only discuss the issues themselves. They seemed to be summarizing very seriously now, but they would not be able to unite their thinking quickly. It seemed like there were signs of mutual rejection on the contrary.

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Zhang Yuan looked at Boss Pei subconsciously.

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Boss Pei had not spoken much since he reached the club this afternoon. He only watched the two teams playing mock competition silently

Zhang Yuan felt that Boss Pei must have some special reason for coming here at such a juncture, right?

He was most likely worried about the talent gap of the DGE Club!

Zhang Yuan felt that Boss Pei would be able to see the problems that he could see himself.

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He only did not know how Boss Pei would solve this issue.

Zhang Yuan waited silently for Boss Pei to enlighten him.

Pei Qian’s worries grew stronger as he saw the players discussing intently.